Still|Move ■|▶ Kaz and 榎元久宰

Still|Move ■|▶

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□Kaz アーティスト・トーク:2/5(金)19時~20時半 参加費:1000円(ドリンク付き)
□紙芝居・榎元久宰 x Kaz:2/13(土)18時~ 参加費:1000円+1D(500円) 





★特別関連イベントとして榎元久宰による紙芝居も2/13にあります。従来の紙芝居に加えてKazとのアナログとデジタルが融合するコラボレーション・パフォーマンスもあります。今までにはなかったストーリーテリングの手法を是非、観にいらしてください。 Kaz

 Still | Move ■|▶

 Exhibition open: 13:00~19:00 (~18:00 on 14 Feb) Thursday~Sunday February 5 (Fri) ~ 14 (Sun) 2016
 Opening reception: 20:30~ February 5 (Fri)
 Artist talk by Kaz: 19:00~20:30 February 5 (Fri) ¥1,000 (inc. 1 drink)
Picture-story show with Hisatada Enomoto x Kaz: 18:00~ February 13 (Sat) ¥1,000 + 1 Drink (¥500)

 Today, taking photographs and shooting videos is very easy to do. If you record everything by taking photographs, you can re-live those experiences later? It's important to take photographs? 

The cycle of everything coming into being and then passing appears to go on eternally. In between the two states, there are countless number of moments. Photography is a technique to capture a unique moment. Video emulates flow of time by over 20 still images quickly following each other every second.

 Kaz, a Japanese artist and a curator based in London, carries camera regularly and takes photographs and videos. In the exhibition, Kaz uses selected photographs and videos from a vast stock of images, accumulated over the last 10 years. These are then used to create a new site specific installation work which explores the relationship between time, that is still, and time, which is flowing.

 There will be a special event featuring Hisatada Enomoto, performing his picture-story show. There will also be a collaborative performance with Kaz where analogue meets digital technology.