(an)arrangement(s) DDR #011

May, 30/2015 (SAT)
OPEN 18:00- / START 19:00-
会場 VENUEKosmos Lane Studio & Gallery    ( MAP )
料金 FEE予約 ADV. 1,500yen + 1D
当日 DOOR. 2,000yen + 1D
予約 ADV.>>> 予約フォーム 
出演 Artists"Delmore Fx(DE) + Taiki Kusakabe + Kouhei Harada."
"Multitasking(DE) + Mitsuaki Matsumoto(Kagoshima)"
"Tyler Eaton + Aen"

アナログおよびデジタルデバイスを使い断片的な音を散りばめるミニマルな世界を持つDelmore Fx、DDRを主宰する映像アーティストJoaquinが音に焦点を当てて活動するMultitasking、この二組のアーティストを今回も
(an) arrangement(s)らしいメンバーで迎えます。
Artist Profile

Delmore Fx
The Swiss born, Berlin based Elia Buletti Works with both analogue and digital equipment to make music that draws lines between free improvisation, bedroom solipsism and outdoor Vorticism. Ghostly samples, lofi twangs and drum improvisations crystallize and dissipate in openended rearrangements and well honed miniatures. (The Wire)
Multitasking is the musical project by visual artist Joaquin Luzoro. His approach to music consist in making different constellation of his music devices collection. Each group of machines will behave differently depending on what devices have been selected. Syntetic acid non /4 oriented, those sounds will make you dance if you are in the mood of it.

Copyright © Kouhei Harada.